How Can I Express My Activism Through Fashion?

We can promote our social activism values with our wallets.

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We often think of activism in terms of our work life, board life, or volunteer life but not our consumer life. We can promote our social activism values with our wallets. How we buy is a vote for the type of world we want.

Activism in the fashion industry has often centered around boycotts (for example, the recent success of #grabyourwallet) but Remake’s movement is more about buycotts. Rather than just saying no to brands that conflict with our values, we can also buy from brands that commit to women’s empowerment, the environment, social justice, etc. We can truly wear our values on our sleeve.

Here are four ways to be an activist in your everyday life:

1. Say no to fast fashion: Fast fashion companies like Forever21 trap a generation of women into poverty and cause planetary destruction. A good rule of thumb is, if the t-shirt costs less than a cup of your favorite coffee, walk away.

2. Invest in ever lasting pieces: While slow fashion brands are more expensive, our community has found that brands that are built to last actually save you money over time. A Patagonia basic, Levi’s jeans, Veja sneakers, etc. are built to last. A $5 tee is meant to fall apart in 5 washes. So consider investing in fewer, better things. Our capsule collection is a way to get you started.

3. Rent: For weddings, cocktail parties or black tie events, it's a way to slow down how much we are sending to landfills. Here are some of our favorite rental brands that are fashion forward.

4. Vintage: From clothing swaps to consignment stores, there are tons of ways to slow down the staggering amount of clothes we send to landfills, save money, and still be a conscious consumer.

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