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What's in stake for 2018@adleinternational

Mobile and Social Deployment Infrastructures

On a January 2018 cold morning town hall meet in Portland, Oregon together with aspiring millenials thinking of venturing to online bookselling, Alex Esguerra, founder of ADLE International announced his 2018 company vision.

Last year, we explored on developing our mobile apps for "affordablebooks" and "usedbooksworld". The users and subcribers for these apps are slowly growing over time. What we have seen is the importance of connectivity in all aspects. Fresh and seamless daily content add ons with our mobile friendly webstores, new products and most importantly the social connection with out social media followers several times a day is a must.

Alex explained how in 1998 the internet was just getting revolutionized by Amazon and Ebay in selling books. Today, social media interactions is a necessity to stay afloat as without this, our business model is "doomed".

The shift of online advertising has doubled to be product and website specific rather than mere promote the business and locations. Back then, one can start an online business on the side and still keep a full time job. Today, it's either you become a full time employee of your business or you better be ready to employ a helping hand and or worst case hire a third party consultant to be able to stay in touch with your social media followers. This in itself has been a full time task for any online webstore to be competitive and visible.

With this in mind, we will more concentrate on integrations, API infrastructures with the hope of some automation and eventually synced everything in one connection which may be a long shot or not. As we celebrate of the success of, and, work still needs to be done on our own company site,

Late February 2018, were eagerly awaiting for the newly revamped flagship website,

2018 is very promising so far as our sales numbers had gone 1000% from 2017. A big factor though still lies on fast delivery, great customer service and sticking to our core vision of "Affordable Books" by offering great deals, discounts and free shipping to reward our loyal customer base.

In behalf of our founder and entire team at ADLE International, many thanks to all our avid customers and followers.

Carlos Rodiriguez

Director of Sales