The Most Insecure Links in a Computer Network are Human Beings

You no longer need to be a tech guru.

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Social engineering is about building trust through a careful exchange of information, such that the person on the other end of the informational transaction is eventually convinced to perform some task.

Hackers know that it is much easier to hack a human than a machine. We regularly see fraudsters use flattery (“Oh your voice is so nice”) and anger (“You can’t keep me out of my own account”) to convince call center agents to completely do their bidding. Today, hackers have access to tools that make social engineering even easier. You no longer need to be a tech guru to use voice distortion or caller ID spoofing - there’s an app for that. Likewise, hackers can use VoIP services or burner phones to make free or cheap calls. All of this adds up to making the voice channel a perfect environment for social engineers.

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