Four Ways To Improve Productivity For The Future Of Work

We are, in fact, more productive in a remote environment.

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Productivity has changed and improved with the preponderance of hybrid/remote work in our always connected world. Although some may think that it’s challenging to be productive while working outside of a traditional office environment, there have been numerous studies that’ve found the opposite is actually true. We are, in fact, more productive in a remote environment.

Based upon our recent history, the future of productivity will likely revolve around these 4 main issues:

* Flexibility. Flexibility and productivity go hand in hand. The more flexible we can be with our employees and contractors, the more they will be able to accomplish (in less time) and the more loyal they will be too.

* Technology/Streamlining. We’ve seen a marked increase in the amount of technology and tools to streamline our business communication and processes. Continuing to leverage these tools will boost our collective productivity as we become even better and faster at performing tasks and managing teams.

* Work-Life Integration. The more we invest in the health and well-being of our employees, the more productive they will be on the job. When our team is happy, well rested, and balanced, they’ll perform better professionally and in all other aspects of their lives.

* Project-Based Work. We’ve noted a distinct rise in entrepreneurship. As such, professionals will be working for multiple companies as contractors while this situation continues to play out. Awarding more project-based work will allow businesses to get more done in less time using these entrepreneurial contractors. It will also ensure that companies are meeting and beating important deadlines and goals.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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