How Workplaces Can Prioritize Mental Health

Employees who are happy and healthy are more loyal.

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Employees who are happy and healthy are more loyal, productive and have better interactions with other company stakeholders. Therefore, employees’ well-being must be a central focus for every organization. Workplaces can take a number of steps to ensure that their employees’ mental health is a priority including:

* Establishing wellness programs. Offer your team members training that relates to mental health, time management, work-life balance and physical well-being to provide them with the tools they need to become happier and healthier.

* Setting up fitness challenges. There is such a strong correlation between physical activity and mental health. Get employees involved in fitness challenges, group sports and other activities that boost their physical well-being, and ultimately their mental health as a result.

* Regularly checking in with employees. Employees want to know that you care about them as individuals. After all, they are dedicating a large portion of their lives to work. Checking in with team members regularly can boost their sense of acceptance, belonging and appreciation. It can also help you to thwart any potential issues.

* Actively identifying and addressing their stressors. By keeping an open line of communication, and regularly seeking feedback, you can help to pinpoint areas of stress and concern for employees. And, as a next step, seek to address and lessen them.

* Fostering a positive environment of support, respect and acceptance. Creating a healthy culture starts from the top. Ensure that you are setting the right tone in all of your communication and actions. Reward positive behavior and correct any behavior that is disrespectful or unsupportive.

* By normalizing work-life blend. Finally, let your employees know that you’re aware that they have other responsibilities and needs outside of work. Create an environment of openness and acceptance where team members can blend the various aspects of their lives, and are comfortable sharing them.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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