5 Ways To Make Friends At Work

Stop in when you need a breather and talk to others that work alongside of you.

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One aspect of work that most employees enjoy is that chance to engage and interact with others, building a sense of shared camaraderie. Here are some ways that you can make more connections in the work environment:

* Create a virtual water cooler. Stop in when you need a breather and talk to others that work alongside of you. You’ll make new connections each time you do. If you’re in a physical office, strike up a conversation with co-workers that you don’t already know- on the elevator, in the break room, or anywhere you can.

* Say good morning and goodbye when starting and ending the day. This tends to be the norm in a physical location, but as we’ve become more hybrid, this is not always the case. No matter what your work situation, ensure that you have those frequent interactions with coworkers so that you can continue to grow your network every day.

* Engage with others via video whenever possible. Many studies have shown that video helps with engagement and connection. Turn your camera on during all of your meetings and help others get to know you and better bond with you.

* Reach out to those in other departments and ask how you might be of assistance to them. Often, we tend to swim in our own lanes. When we move beyond them, we more quickly grow our network and our opportunities as a result.

* Volunteer for projects and events. Whenever you hear someone in your organization ask for a volunteer for a committee, a project or an event, take them up on it. Although it might just sound like extra work, it’s actually an extra opportunity to network and get to know others.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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