movies by or about women opening UK/Ire from Fri Oct 19

Adina Pintilie directs arthouse docudrama ‘Touch Me Not’; Cristina Costantini codirects documentary ‘Science Fair’; and there’s not a lot else...

new in wide release

Halloween | my review | find cinemas

Jamie Lee Curtis stars, and Judy Greer costars, in this horror story about a woman fighting back against an evil murderer whose rampage she survived as a teenager. (male writers and director)

new in limited release

Touch Me Not | find cinemas

Adina Pintilie writes and directs this German arthouse documentary drama about a woman (Laura Benson) and two men on an exploratory journey about intimacy.

‘Science Fair’

‘Science Fair’

Science Fair | my review | find cinemas

Cristina Costantini codirects and cowrites this documentary about high-school students competing in an international science fair.

Namaste England | find cinemas

Parineeti Chopra costars in this Hindi romantic comedy. (male writers and director)

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