5 Key Ways Employers Can Attract and Retain Talent During Labor Shortages

Here are 5 strategies for moving forward.

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Employers are going to have to get creative during current employment shortages in order to attract and retain the best employees in today’s competitive market. Many people recently left the workforce because they decided that the reward they got for working was not worth the cost to their happiness and well-being. These individuals have had over a year and a half to evaluate what is important to them and what is not, what is working for them and what isn’t. And a lot of this reflection has been centered upon their work-life balance (or lack thereof) and their desire to feel like their contributions matter and make a difference.

So, what can employers do to show their employees that they care and that their needs matter to them? Here are 5 strategies for moving forward:

1. Allow for flexibility. This flexibility applies to work schedules, remote work options, job- sharing, part-time arrangements and more. Whatever can be done to help employees make their lives less stressful and more complete by adjusting to their calendars and competing priorities, and not the other way around. This will be a revolutionary pivot for most employers, but one that is most welcome by employees.

2. Show team members what their future at the organization looks like. Many workers felt like they were on a path to nowhere, stuck in a dead-end job or working for an employer that didn’t care about their professional trajectory. Companies must show staff that there is a path forward for them within the organization and outline the steps that they should take to get there.

3. Offer perks that improve work/life balance. Think outside of the box here. On-site daycare, childcare stipends, travel bonuses, fitness breaks, dietary consultations, nap rooms and more. These benefits will appeal to today’s employees more than a boost in salary would.

4. Communicate. The worst thing that happened to many employees during the pandemic was that they felt like they were in the dark and didn’t have much information about what was happening in their workplaces. Layoffs, furloughs, demotions, and longer hours became the norm. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and communication to eradicate the mistrust that was created during the last few years. Transparency and strong communication will help move towards creating an environment of trust and respect which is desperately needed to attract and retain today’s employees.

5. Show gratitude. The more you care, the more your employees will care too, and the more loyal they will be as a result. You can demonstrate gratitude in many ways such as through bonuses, awards, team-building activities, stipends, kind words, recognition, days off, promotions and more. Create an attitude of gratitude throughout your entire organization and you’ll be grateful about its impact on your employee retention and satisfaction.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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