Got Waitlisted At Your Top College Choice? Here's What You Should Do Next

Write a deferral or waitlist letter.

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1. Decide if the university is still your top option. Is the university still your “dream school?” Or have things changed since you have sent in your application? If another school might be a better fit for you, this deferment or waitlist has opened up your options for you, and a chance for you to reconsider your college list.

2. Update your resume and LinkedIn. Our students send in not only a resume, but also their LinkedIn profile with their applications. Your LinkedIn profile serves as a portfolio to add any research papers, pictures from service projects, or videos of you performing an extracurricular activity. We advise students to provide the universities with specific details highlighting their impressive extracurricular activities.

3. Ask for another letter of recommendation. Ask a supervisor at an internship, coach, teacher, or manager at a job to write you a letter of recommendation. This recommendation should add something new to your application.

4. Write a deferral or waitlist letter. If you are still committed to attending the school, you should send a letter of continued interest. This letter should be about one page in length and should show how you are a strong candidate now. It is important you send the letter immediately.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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