4 Healthcare Trends for the Aging

We are at the start of a huge boom for services for people aging in place.

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People are getting older and by 2035 over 21% of the population will be over 65 and there will be more older adults than kids. Where do you see yourself as you age? Most people don’t consider retirement homes anymore.

A recent study by the AARP showed that 77% of people want to remain in their homes as they age. That also means that most of the consumer spending power will be in this market and companies are going to be shifting toward making products and services that attend these needs. We are at the start of a huge boom for services for people aging in place.

We can see this in a variety of ways. People are living longer and healthier lives so they are wanting to do more and more. Studies have shown that boomers are spending more on activities like travel(~$157Ba year) and on pets(~$36B).

Up and Coming Aging Care Trends

* Health Tech - People are paying more attention to their health from gadgets like smart watches and health monitors to online classes on health and wellness on sites like GetSetUp.

* SmartHomes - People are taking advantage of smart home devices like Alexa to set up medicine reminders and turn on lights to smart doorbells and locks that offer security and flexibility while allowing people to come and enter your home.

* Social Tech - More and more people are turning to virtual means to connect joining an online community of like-minded people in a book club or class, or keeping in touch with friends and family who live far away. We are spending more time connected virtually which is strengthening and expanding our social opportunities.

* Holistic HealthCare - We are moving to take care of our health before we get sick. Even Medicare Advantage plans are hopping on board this trend offering programs like SilverSneakers that offers both fitness classes and mental enrichment opportunities to eligible members. Holistic health is expanding to include a variety of services from education to practical that can help members learn skills to prevent or delay aging ailments.

More than ever we are getting ready to age in a time where the consumer market may no longer be focused on youth but really start to turn to where the money is going (the Boomers as they age into their 60+) to highlight and focus on the needs of a population that has been notoriously underserved. I am a firm believer based on all the exciting things happening in the Aging space that we are starting one of the best eras to be aging in.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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