6 Simple Ways Your Company Can Shape Its Narrative

Here are six tips that businesses can use to shape their narrative.

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It’s important that organizations spin their stories in a way that resonates with valuable stakeholders while accurately reflecting their vision and vibe. Here are six tips that businesses can use to ensure that their story will have the desired effect:

1. Give it a face. Tie the story back to a real person. It might be the founder, an important investor, or the current CEO. It could also be a key thought leader, advisor, or anyone of significance for that matter. When you anchor your story to an actual person, you are making your company more human and more appealing to your target audience as a result.

2. Pull at the heart. We all love those stories that tug at our heart strings. How can your company’s narrative do that? How do you help those in the community or what hardships have you overcome as a team? Make sure that this adversity is woven into your tale.

3. Tie it to others. Sure, we want to hear about you, but we also want to learn about how we can relate to you, or better yet how your company relates to us. Brainstorm about different ways you can script your narrative in a manner that ties it to the masses.

4. Demonstrate impact. What type of positive impact is your company having on the world around you? How do you serve others and how to you plan to enhance that service in the future? What does your company do to make our lives better?

5. Incorporate mini-stories. There’s nothing like having several smaller stories, or snippets, within the main story. Use these sound bites to showcase the experiences others have had when working with your company or using your products.

6. Avoid the generic. Make it different. Make it real. We don’t want to read a version of the same old corporate story that we can pull from 50 different websites. Spin your tale in a way that makes it unique and that compels others. Refer to storytelling basics for inspiration: give it a hook, use colorful characterers, add a plot twist and leverage realistic language. The more your story stands out, the more your company will too.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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