movies by or about women opening US/Can from Fri Aug 24

Emily Mortimer opens a bookshop; Melissa McCarthy investigates puppet murder; more…

new in wide release

The Happytime Murders | my review | find cinemas

Melissa McCarthy costars in this fantasy comedy as a Hollywood cop investigating a series of murders of puppets. Costarring Elizabeth Banks and Maya Rudolph. (male writers and director)

new in limited release

The Bookshop | my review | find cinemas

Isabel Coixet directs and writes this drama about a woman (Emily Mortimer) who opens the titular establishment in a small town in conservative 1950s England.

Hot to Trot | find cinemas

Gail Freedman directs this documentary about same-sex competitive ballroom dancers.

Last Curtain Call | find cinemas

Jennifer Tadlock directs this drama about an aspiring (male) rock star. (male writer)

The Oslo Diaries | find cinemas

Mor Loushy codirects this documentary about (male) Israelis and Palestinians who came together in the 1990s for unsanctioned peace talks.

Haley Lu Richardson and Regina Hall in ‘Support the Girls’

Haley Lu Richardson and Regina Hall in ‘Support the Girls’

Support the Girls | find cinemas

Regina Hall stars in this comedy about a group of women who work in a sports bar. Costarring Haley Lu Richardson, Zoe Graham, Shayna McHayle, AJ Michalka, and Dylan Gelula. (male writer-director)

Parwaaz Hai Junoon | find cinemas

Farhat Ishtiaq writes this action war drama about the (male) soldiers of the Pakistani air force. (male director)

Dead Envy | find cinemas

Stacy Hullah cowrites this thriller about an aging (male) rock musician. (male director)

Load Wedding | find cinemas

Fizza Ali Meerza cowrites this Pakistani comedy about a man who must arrange his sister’s wedding before he can think about his own romance. (male director)

’The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl’

’The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl’

The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl | find cinemas

Kana Hanazawa stars (in a voice performance) in this animated comedy about the misadventures of a hard-drinking university student. (male writer and director)

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