Dealerships Around the World Will Soon be Hiring for This Position

It’s no secret that digital marketing has changed the game for consumers and businesses alike. If you’re on the consumer end, then you can easily relate to how easy it truly is to manage your life from the palm of your hand. You can pay bills, connect with the people in your life, and shop straight from your smartphone. Well, this revolution has had an impact on every industry, especially the automotive industry.

Within the next 24-36 months, it’s predicted that automotive dealerships around the world are going to be creating new positions. Soon, they’ll be hiring the first-ever Digital Retail Marketing Managers, and these specialists are going to be the people connecting consumers with cars through the web in never-before-seen ways.

If we look to Amazon, we see a platform that’s won customers over through convenience. They’ve branched out into numerous areas, including one called Amazon Vehicles. This platform launched a few years back, and it lets consumers browse cars, trucks, SUVs, and more from virtually any smart device. Consumers can compare specs, read reviews, and find out everything they need to know before making a purchase. One day, you might even be able to buy a car directly from Amazon Vehicles. Can you imagine going to Whole Foods to pick up groceries and your new car?

It might sound a little far fetched, but we’re not far from it. People are already depending on the internet to make their car purchasing decisions.

Here’s a personal story that confirms this truth. I was on a dealership showroom floor the other day, and a customer came in. He hadn’t done any shopping online; he simply walked in to browse. Well, he brought his son in with him, and before I knew it, the son had pulled up the exact vehicle his father was looking at - on his phone! The son gave the father all the information he needed to make that decision, without needing to ask the staff any questions.

That’s what consumers want. And that’s where the automotive dealership industry is headed. And that’s exactly why Digital Retail Marketing Managers are projected to be among the most valuable new roles opening up in automotive dealerships.

These specialists will have all the knowledge and skills needed to put their dealerships right in the palm of prospects’ hands. They’ll have experience in the latest digital marketing strategies, including SEO, social, and retargeting in terms of the automotive industry. Soon, Digital Retail Marketing Managers are going to be the secret weapon behind dealerships everywhere!