ARTISTNAMELEON Pushes the Envelope of Music Innovation and Brilliance on "Let Me Know"

Creativity is an emotional, sacred, inventive, and quasi-dysfunctional process for 'true' Music Millennials. Converting personal vulnerabilities into aspirational lyrics of greatness requires an unchallenged vision and commitment to one’s truth.

ARTISTNAMELEON’s music enables listeners to travel a unique emotional, passionate, and intricate journey. ‘Let Me Know’ provides a hookah lounge, electro love, and mass appeal dance vibe for music enthusiasts.

Very few musicians can speak the language of romance, love, and infuse a nightclub dance ingredient. ‘Let Me Know’ delivers a matchless balance of energy, unique human connection, and classic Hip-Hop crossover sound. The brand of ARTISTNAMELEON pushes the envelope of music innovation and engineers a new wave of sound in Hip-Hop. Evolution is most beautiful when it’s challenged by human will.

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