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Safer Living

8 Ways to Venture Out Responsibly

If you want to do something outside your home, take advantage of the fresh air and do it outdoors. Plus, more simple ways to minimize risk.


The Case for Letting the Restaurant Industry Die

One man believes the culinary world is so broken it’s not worth saving.

The Pandemic’s Spread

How Case Counts Vary Drastically Across the U.S.

While all 50 states have started some return to normalcy, these graphs show how much the pace and the severity of their outbreaks vary.


The Rise of the Drive-Thru Society

Cars are now mini-shelters on wheels, cocoons that allow us to be inside and outside at the same time.

City Guides

Essential Knowledge for Living in a Hot Spot

Where can you get tested? Who’s still hiring? And where on earth can you still get a decent pizza? We’ve got answers to your most pressing city-specific questions.