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The Science

Staying 6 Feet Away Isn’t Enough

COVID-19 risk isn’t just about distance. Here are three other factors to consider as states reopen.

Around the U.S.

The Different Realities for Red and Blue America

Beyond perception and ideology, data shows the coronavirus is deadliest in counties where Democrats live.

First Person

I’m a Chef in a Seaside Town, Not an Epidemiologist

Business owners like me face a summer of uncertainty, and I’m terrified.


What to Know Before You Book a Summer Vacation

A complete guide to travel during the pandemic: How to stay safe on a road trip, a guide to finding the perfect RV or vacation home, and what to expect if you fly.

City Guides

Essential Knowledge for Living in a Hot Spot

Where can you get tested? Who’s still hiring? And where on earth can you still get a decent pizza? We’ve got answers to your most pressing city-specific questions.