What Are the Obstacles That Are Preventing Widespread Use of Hydrogen Fuel?

Some skeptics question the best use cases for FCVs.

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The electric mobility (e-mobility) use-case demands solutions that support high utilization and extended runtimes, perform reliably in harsh environments, fuel rapidly, and expel zero emissions. We’ve already created the first commercially viable market for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCVs) in material handling, an industry with these same demands, so we’ve been working to address these obstacles for many years.

Some skeptics question the best use cases for FCVs. While electric vehicles win out for short-range applications, FCVs will ultimately win in asset-intensive applications, such as fleet vehicles, airplanes, drones, and autonomous vehicles that require continuous runtimes and lighter weight engines. Of course, one of the biggest challenges will be creating a robust infrastructure with enough hydrogen fueling stations to keep vehicles running around the clock. However, the benefits far outweigh the difficulties, and we expect to see widespread global expansion of hydrogen stations in the coming decade.

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