The Number One Piece of PR Advice From a Branding Mentor

Work on boosting your visibility and being consistent with your efforts.

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When it comes to PR, the number one piece of advice that I can give is to work on boosting your visibility and being consistent with your efforts. PR is all about buidling up your image and brand slowly over time. People learn by being exposed to something repeatedly so it’s important to engage in this continuous process.

This PR concept applies to promoting both a product and personal brand. Ensure that you are top of mind when others have an opportunity for someone like you through this continuous exposure. As a leader or entrepreneur, you can increase visibility through networking, creating thought leadership content, speaking, podcasting and leveraging social media. In general, you want to add value to your target audience and network. To this end, ask yourself these specific questions:

* What have I done for others in my network recently?

* What type of thought leadership pieces can I create?

* What can I do to add value to those in my target audience?

* How can I help or serve people while getting my message across?

You can use your answers as a road map to increasing visibility and growing your network, which is even more important now in our increasingly hybrid world.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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