Don Burke faces new allegations, complete shunning

In new revelations his conduct has made him persona non grata in his old workplaces, public spaces, to his own family and possibly the continent of Australia too…

Shocking new information comes to us from many of Don Burke’s ex employees; now perhaps the worst non-sexual inappropriate behaviour, Don Burke was noted attacking the parents of a victim of the Bali Bombings.

In Australia the word “W_g” has a lot of history, and is usually not considered offensive, depending who is using it and in what context.

In the fairly distant past it was certainly used with hate and vitriol, but slowly has changed as people owned the word and became accustomed to it, and multiple communities owned and began using the old slur with pride.

There are a few comedic films and television programmes that use the word in the title; however this is not how Don Burke was using this word…

In new information released today Don Burke was using the term in a “serious or literal sense”—not joking around—as he described the grieving couple who he was gardening for as “w_ggy” as he also used the “C Word” to describe each of them, respectively Mr. C___. And Mrs. C___.

Both words are often used—casually—in day to day use for many Australians, and outside the workplace and other areas it is not uncommon to hear these words, even “endearingly”.

Inside the workplace it is still considered unprofessional, and even a fireable offence in more conservative circles.

It is completely unacceptable to use either word in the literal sense when describing another person to your co-workers, or to refer to a family members genitals; as Don Burke had done on multiple occasions…

Disturbingly for whoever Burke is referring to, multiple accounts have surfaced of him expressing lustful thoughts towards an anonymous female member of his family.

In one case he was describing how he enjoyed watching his relative “rub her C” on a horses saddle, another time he had expressed this desire to create “the perfect genetic mix” if he was able to impregnate and breed with this unnamed relative. Don Burke denies this but the fact remains that we have heard this from many different people and more revelations are surfacing every day… His family must be in shock and disgusted at the least.

Susan Metcalfe, Twitter

Susan Metcalfe, Twitter

Further maddening the Australian population and more, Don Burke appears to have “self-diagnosed” himself with Aspergers, on the Autism spectrum.

“He is going to use Asperger's as an example of ‘Hey, I didn't know what I was doing; I don't read social cues’… Well Don, we're not buying it. Not only are you offending women but you are offending everybody on the autism spectrum and their families.” — Autism Awareness CEO Nicole Rogerson speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald

This story is now bringing out hundreds of women into speaking. It may end badly for Don Burke, most of the behaviours described are abhorrent or disturbing, some downright illegal.

Much like the situation in the United States and across the world, fans of the man are initially doubtful as their “hero” is taken down. For Don Burke, it is now undeniable that he has been a sexual predator, and possibly committed worse crimes that may come out in the future.