Horses Help Edition One!

Cave Creek, Arizona

Howdy Folks,

For those of you who do not live in Arizona, we appreciate the dropping temperatures closer to 100 versus the 30 days over the 110 mark we experienced this summer! All of this can only mean its time for our new ride year to begin.

This year marks Horses Helps 30 year anniversary! The horses are returning from their summer homes and getting ready for the games to begin! The staff has been busying itself preparing all of the components of a great riding center. It really does take a small army of people to make this work.

Horses Help served 53 different disabilities last year and it is fair to assume the number will be representative again this year. With demand for our programs we assume that once again all three major programs will be on a wait list again.

Beyond the nationally certified instructors and therapists and clinicians who work with our populations, we will need over 200 volunteers per week to execute the programs. Fortunately our volunteer pool is extremely diverse in talent, passionate about giving back and our numbers of active volunteers has grown to over 2500 in our system.

For the purposes of this week’s conversation, we want you to get to know some of the most wonderful therapy horses that provide the strong partnerships with our clients and overcome barriers.

Returning this year are two of our Olympians, Mr. P and Dean who were two of our three horses selected to participate in the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles last summer and won several medals.

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