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Bentley Unveils ultra-luxury Bentayga Extended Wheelbase

Bentley has unveiled the new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase model. With a 7.0-inch wheelbase stretch offers an improved rear-seat experience. A new “Airline Seat” specification is the most advanced seat ever fitted to the car, according to the British automaker. It has 22 ways of adjustment and a maximum recline angle of 40 degrees.
Then there’s the high-tech climate control system. The climate sensing system can sense the occupant’s temperature and surface humidity and will then determine whether to apply heat, ventilation or both simultaneously in order to ensure your “thermal wellbeing.” In addition, pressure across the seat surface is analyzed to make automatic postural adjustments. There are a whopping 177 pressure changes that can be applied across six independent pressure zones over a three-hour interval.
You can spec the Bentayga EWB in one of the 24 billion trim combinations, which generate trillions of possible specifications, hopefully reducing the chance of seeing an identical model to your own. The British automaker has upped the ante in terms of interior quality as well. It comes with a new stitching design on the seats, a unique design on the doors, and there is the intricate ambient lighting in the door cards, with 12 light-emitting diodes on each front door and 22 on each rear door. These LEDs emit light through one-millimeter perforations in the leather.
Four-plus-one seating is standard, which gives you two sculpted rear seats with a small jump seat between them for taking a third passenger in the rear for short journeys, though true luxury lovers can choose to ditch the middle seat for a console.
It’ll launch first with the base Bentayga’s 542-hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8, though we suspect W-12-powered variants to become available shortly after. First deliveries are expected in Q4 of 2022. Discover Opulentclub.com on the web.