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Rolls-Royce Presents Next Coachbuilt Boat Tail

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has revealed the next chapter of the Boat Tail coachbuilt commissions – one of just three that have been, and ever will be made. Like the one that came before it, this new iteration is a work of art and a true expression of the manufacturer’s capabilities. Telling a completely unique story that relates only to its new owner, the Boat Tail is described by Rolls-Royce as being “a masterwork of restraint, sophistication, elegance and attention to detail.”
Boat Tail is entirely hand-built, with the body panels fashioned from vast, single sheets of aluminum to create the distinctive outline inspired by the racing yachts of the early 20th century. It was commissioned by a patron whose family business has grown from his father’s origins in the pearling industry. Widely travelled, internationally educated and cosmopolitan in his tastes and influences, the client is an established patron of the arts, who additionally owns a sizeable collection of classic and modern cars, housed in a dedicated private museum.
The project began with a series of four pearl shells from the client’s collection, inspiring the unique color. Rolls-Royce calls it one of the most complex bespoke colors it has created, and it starts with a foundation of oyster and soft rose embellished with large white and bronze mica flakes that add a unique pearlescent effect that changes subtly in different light conditions.
The foundation of the colour is a shimmering blend of oyster and soft rose, with large white and bronze mica flakes adding a unique iridescent quality that changes subtly under different light conditions. The contrasting cognac-coloured bonnet, explicitly created for this Boat Tail, contains fine bronze and gold coloured aluminium mica flakes complete with a layer of crystal and iced matt clear coat, adding significant warmth and depth to the car’s appearance. Boat Tail’s technical fibre lower sills incorporate a rose gold woven thread.
Housing Boat Tail’s unique ‘butterfly-design’ hosting suite, the rear deck includes Royal Walnut veneer, inlaid with rose gold-plated pinstripes with a satin-brushed finish. The Royal Walnut was chosen by the client for its beautiful properties as it matures over time, a material that will gradually transition to the tonal properties of the cognac color. The iced hood and wooden rear deck are juxtaposed with the high-gloss front and side perspectives.
From the front, the Pantheon Grille, milled from a single, solid billet of aluminum, is topped by a Spirit of Ecstasy fashioned in rose gold.
Inside, Rolls-Royce continues the luxury with pearlescent-finished cognac and oyster-colored leathers and Royal Walnut veneer, as well as rose gold and mother-of-pearl accents throughout the car. The centerpiece of the dashboard is a timepiece made from mother-of-pearl, chosen and supplied by the client from his own collection; the fascia of which is pure and minimal in its appearance so as not to detract from the precious material. The same prized substance graces the control switches and instrument dials, creating a strong visual and material connection between the car, the owner, and his family heritage.
Alex Innes, Head of Coachbuild Design, said, “Boat Tail is a step-change in ingenuity and creative liberty. Building a motor car by hand offers a new realm of exploration and possibility: we can accomplish things and resolve challenges that normal industrialised methods prohibit. This is the tale of two worlds: a modern motor car of contemporary design, made possible by historical techniques and time-honoured craft. It is truly, one-of-a-kind.”
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