Discover the modern city - Shanghai

A 4-day travel guide you can follow

I traveled to Shanghai for four days, tasting local food at restaurants with hundreds of years of history, living in the coolest hotel, shopping at the largest and the most famous street. Follow my steps and experience Shanghai in a fresh way!

Day 1

Checking in at the coolest and most popular hotel in Shanghai: The W Hotel on the Bund

You must be familier with the white cool dog with sunglasses if you have lived in one of the W Hotels before. It's "four-legged friends friendly"! Just remember to tell the hotel ahead of time if you are bring your four-legged friends.

If you search for pictures in Shanghai online, you must have seen the bund. The bund area has the second tallest building in the world (Shanghai Center) and the shiny Oriental Pearl Tower. The W is located in the bund area and can provide you with an excellent view of the bund area.

This picture shows the view outside the window from the guest room.

And that's the view on the little bar of the W Floor. (Yes. You can go to the W Floor and go outside)

There're a lot of photo-taking spots in the hotel. Like the Neon Lights that you'll see at the entrance of the hotel with the street names of Shanghai.

Yeah. That's what's great about the W Hotel. It's not only designed to be fashion and luxury, but also to be local. To let you quickly get into the local style of life. Inside the hotel room, you'll be surprised by the small steamed bun (Baozi) and the large chopsticks pillows on the bed.

So, that's for the hotel. And let's talk about the most original and delicious local foods in Shanghai.

Featuring 1. Yang's Dumpling (Shanghai Global Harbor)

Chinese Name: 小杨生煎(月星环球港店)

(You can copy & Paste the bold English name in Apple Map to navigate to the destination)

Note that although it's called "dumpling," it's not dumplings. It's the Shanghai special styled steamed bun.

The new Sanpin Dumpling (三拼生煎)

The new Sanpin Dumpling (三拼生煎)

Featured Dishes:

1. Yang's Dumpling (小杨生煎)

2. Shrimp Dumping (大虾生煎)

3. Curry Beef Soup (咖喱牛肉汤)

(You can show the Chinese names to the cashier to order)

Featuring 2. Line Friends Store (Huaihai Middle Road Branch)

Have you used the chat app Line? Do you love the Brown bear?

Store front of the Line Friends

Store front of the Line Friends

Follow me to the world ofBrown~

And, there's a restarant upstair. You have to try the ice creams, and the cookies.

Line Friends' Cooking Workshop

More Pictures of the Brown's house

Feature 3. Cat's City Concept Bookstore (Xintiandi Style Shopping Center)

Go there if you want to write a letter to the future you. (Yes! You can set the time that the letter arrives) or just write a card to home.

Feature 4. China Art Museum

This is the China Pavilion in the World Expo Shanghai. It's still there and open for everyone to visit. (Closes on Monday)

And, You have to view the Qingming Shanghe Tu (Ascending the River at Qingming Festival), because it's simply AMAZING!

There's a live version of old Chinese painting in the China Art Museum reflecting people's lives almost a thousand years ago. You'll be amazed by how busy the markets are even in the ancient times! (Pictures are not allowed, experience yourself)

Feature 5. Xiandelai (Yunnan South Road Branch)

Recommending the Pork Chop with Rice Cake

Next up is a store in the Old Shanghai Street

Feature 6. Nanxiang Steamed Bread Store (Yuyuan Road Shop)

There're always a lot of people waiting in line to try the small steamed bun (Xiao long bao)

Feature 7. Yubao Pavilion (Michelin Two-Star)

A nice environment with fine-cooked cantonese cuisine.

Note that it's better if you put a reservastion ahead of time.

Recommended Food:

1. Cream Custard Bun 香滑流沙包

2. Steamed rice rolls with shrump 脆皮虾肠粉

3. Shrimp Dumpling 虾饺皇

4. Diced Beef with black pepper 黑椒牛肉粒

There's English on the menu so you can also order something you like to try.

Feature 8. Go to the Bund in the morning before the sun rise and at night

The Bund in the morning on a foggy day

The sun isn't visible because of the foggy sky. But if you get up early and you're lucky to meet a Sunny sky here at the Bund, you'll be able to take some beautiful pictures. There're several photographers there and people who fly kites every morning.

The Bund at night

The Bund at night

Feature 9. Go to the second tallest building in the world (Shanghai Center)

And the fastest elevator in the world (YES. With Guinness World Records)

You'll get a beautiful view of the bund area at the top of the building. And don't forget to mail a letter or a cardhome~

So that's the things I feel interested and excited about Shanghai. You can discover the modern side and the original side of Shanghai by trying different types of food, going to different places, and having fun there!