Work Ethic Certification

Whitko's Seniors Attend Introductory Program

WARSAW, IN — Seniors from Whitko’s Class of 2020 joined together at Warsaw High School on Friday (August 16th) along with seniors from all across Kosciusko County for an informational meeting on the Work Ethic Certification (WEC) program. The program is offered to all students who attend schools that share Kosciusko County. Upon completion of specific criteria, these students are offered incentives for their hard work. Jill Jackson, The WACC Assistant Director at Warsaw Community Schools, explained that students may receive the certificate through academics combined with soft skills.

“Our seniors will be able to earn extra incentives or benefits from local employers compared to others who apply for the same position. This program gives our seniors an extra advantage in some cases and allows them flexibility in the career choices they are making. This program is not only for students entering the workforce immediately after high school, but also for students who are continuing their education at a higher level. We are fortunate and honored to be a participant in this program that can benefit all of our graduating seniors,” stated Whitko Jr/Sr High Principal Jake Everett.

Everett attended alongside his students and Guidance Counselor Mark Rickerd. Rickerd recalled that Whitko is hosting approximately 105 seniors as of the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Last year those who participated in the WEC prorgam participated in a public signing ceremony in June. Similar to that of a sports scholarships where students sign a letter of intent, as reported in InkFreeNews, Jocelyn Courtney of Whitko Jr/Sr High School signed with Paragon Medical.

Throughout the presentation, the students heard from many employers and representatives who promised incentives to the students upon completion of the WEC program. Those businesses in attendance included: Tecomet, Helvey & Associates, Ivy Tech Community College, Winona PVD Coatings, Core Mechanical Services, Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce, Kerlin Bus Sales and Leasing, The Beaman Home, Purdue Extension, Cardinal Services of Indiana, and Zimmer Biomet.

Mark Rickerd and Principal Everett (Upper Left Corner of Image 1) attend the convocation with senior students from Whitko Jr/Sr High School.

Kevin Williamson from Zimmer Biomet addressed the students from the podium, saying, “Zimmer Biomet is a contributing employee for this program. Why? Because we believe the Work Ethic Certificate actually models what we want from our full time team members.” He detailed that Zimmer Biomet is looking for attendance, grade requirement, and finally that students have a desire to stay curious and continually “wanting to learn throughout [their] entire career.”

Below is a full list of the offerings and incentives from the various companies who sent representative to speak at the event:

Cardinal Services of Indiana:

Guaranteed Job Interview, Preferred Applicant Pool, Professional Mentoring Opportunity, Professional Development [paid by company], Tuition Reimbursement, Health Club/Gym Membership, Flexible Scheduling

Core Mechanical Services:

Guaranteed Job Interview, Bonus Vacation Days after 60 Days, $100 Amazon Gift Card after 90 days of Successful Employment

Helvey & Associates:

Guaranteed Job Interview, Preferred Applicant Pool, Professional Mentoring Opportunity, Tuition Reimbursement, Flexible Scheduling, Paid Internships

Ivy Tech Community College:

Free 1-Credit Hour Orientation Course [approximately $150 value]

Kerlin Bus Sales and Leasing:

Guaranteed Job Interview, Preferred Applicant Pool, Paid Internships Available, Increased base pay [.50 cents over base pay], Company Matched Simple IRA for full time hires, Access to Factory Trainings and Certifications

Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce:

Guaranteed Job Interview, Preferred Applicant Pool, Professional Development [paid by company], Flexible Scheduling, Volunteer Opportunities

Purdue Extension:

Volunteer Opportunities, Free 4-H Membership, Career/Soft Skills Exploration


Guaranteed Job Interview, Fitness Club Reimbursement, Tuition Reimbursement [per existing policy handbook], Direct Hire Placement, Medical/Dental/Vision insurance immediately upon hire, Flexible Scheduling

The Beaman Home:

Volunteer Opportunities, Flexible Scheduling

Winona PVD Coatings:

Guaranteed Job Interview, Discounted Health Club/Gym Membership, Shift Premium, Personal and Vacation Time [after 90 days] for full time hires, Direct Hire, Full Health Benefits [after 90 days] for full time hires, Referral Bonus, Perfect Attendance Bonus [twice per year], Winona PVD t-shirts [after 30 days] for Full Time Hires, Discount PVD Rim Coating [After 90 Days]

Zimmer Biomet:

Exclusive Applicants Pool, Career Coaching, Sign on Bonus $500, Tuition Reimbursement, Health Club/Gym Membership, Direct Placement Hire, Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits, Professional Development [paid by company], Continuing Education, IN Works Soft Skills Curriculum [offered by Purdue Extension]