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Gasprom and China, a Project for a New Russo-Sino Century…

An excellent deal for Russia and China; a concern for the free-world and blow to human-rights defenders and the environment.

The United Nations and NATO must be concerned—as their sanctions against Russia for flagrant violations of laws-of-war, human rights abuses and acts of cyber warfare and invasions of neighbours will soon not matter so much…

By 2019, Gasprom will begin supplying China with gas in a new pipeline project—in a $400 Billion-dollar deal with Russia’s main Natural Gas supplier. The pipeline will be called “The Power of Siberia”, and connect the Yakutia gas fields with both the Sea of Japan and directly into China as well. Xi Jinping visited Moscow as the deal was made between China Natural Petroleum and Gasprom.

As Russia does not export much that most Western-aligned nations want to purchase, to paraphrase Barack Obama…

“Russia doesn’t produce any products that people want, except for weapons and fossil fuel.”

Their current customers, the EU will be a little concerned, as more than 34% of their natural-gas-supply is imported from Russia, with Germany’s share up to 40%, Finland and the Baltic states at 100%. The Ukraine is also vulnerable to the “switch off” and has felt the cold of winter more than once as the Russian government has cut their supply pipeline due to debts, and conflicts too.

Both China and Russia take a “hands off”, or “eyes closed” stance on human rights. They are usually on the “wrong side” when it comes to U.N. Security Council votes, often vetoing major peace initiatives, and generally annoying the compassionate and forward-thinking nations of the U.N. In the process…

By Samuel Bailey (sam.bailus at gmail.com) - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

By Samuel Bailey (sam.bailus at gmail.com) - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Giving Russia this market and some new ones in the Middle East such as Egypt emboldens their authoritarian regimes and will enable them to carry out more atrocities, and not be concerned about the economic impact.

Russian arms sales have increased since their intervention in the Syrian civil war and descent into hell, and they have violated multiple “red lines” with little to no fear of the consequences.

If the United States continues to alienate, and move away from their alliances as Russia makes new ones with other authoritarian, cruel regimes, the potentials for future wars and land-grabs increases.

China has been actively bullying the nations in the South China Sea—as they build up their naval and air-base assets—they have been violating Japan’s seas and bullying the Phillipines and other nearby nations too. China already has quite advanced weapons though a partnership with Russia could be beneficial to the People’s Liberation Army, and “friends” such as Iran, North Korea and even possibly the Syrian regime if they survive this human catastrophe.

Vladimir Putin has dreamt of a resurgence of the old Soviet power, and it seems he is getting what he wished for. NATO is strong, but Donald Trump seems to be doing his best to dissolve that alliance, and the European Union has lost Britain, symbolic for now, possibly an omen for further dissolution.

John Boehner, Professional Tanner

John Boehner, Professional Tanner

John Boehner had asked Barack Obama to increase gas exports in 2014, it may be time for the United States to flood the market before this project begins. However, China will only benefit from cheaper gas and most likely just use more if this occurs.

By Ghirla - Own work, GFDL

By Ghirla - Own work, GFDL