4th Grade Visits Ag Day

Whitko 2005 Alumni Mindy Wise Shares Wisdom

Jane Trump's class stands together at the Ag Day Event.

Jane Trump's class stands together at the Ag Day Event.

4 Classes from Whitko Community Schools arrived at the Kosciusko County 4H Fairgrounds on April 9th: Mrs. Baum, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Gawthrop, and Mrs. Trump.

Students were able to traverse several of the livestock pavilions and meet with multiple leaders of the agricultural community. Among the multiple stations they were able to visit included ducks, horses, swine, chicks, and tractors.

Teacher Jasmine Baum poses for a photo with her student Wyatt.

“Our goal at 4H is to help you feel welcome. Even if you’re not interested in farming or agriculture, the good news is you don’t have to live on a farm to be in 4H. We have a community of people that will help you explore lots of learning opportunities,” shared Mindy Wise, 4H educator in Kosciusko County. Wise is a 2005 graduate of Whitko and continued her eduction with a Secondary Education Major from Manchester College. Today she has become a pillar within the Ag Community and shared with students that she has a specific goal: “that you feel welcome, you learn something new, and you become an awesome adult.”

Later in the evening, students were encouraged to return to the fairgrounds with their families. The event would be open to the general public from 5-7pm with more ways to engage the senses for active learning. Guests were encouraged to see an animal, touch an animal and try the product produced from the animal. Allowing visitors to engage sight, smell, taste, and touch. Some of the crowd favorites appeared to be ice cream and duck.

Various Photos from the event.