Is Instagram or Snapchat Better for Blog Promotion?

For the vast majority of bloggers, Instagram is a better option than Snapchat.

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For the vast majority of bloggers, Instagram is a better option than Snapchat, both for promoting your blog, and for dedicating to social media in general.

One of the appealing things about Snapchat to most of its users - that it disappears in 24 hours - is also a downfall for anyone using it for marketing, without paying for Snapchat ads.

That means that if you work hard on Snap story to promote your blog, your hard work is out the window by this time tomorrow.

If you’re thinking “What if I just do something that only takes a few seconds, like scroll through my blog post while recording a video, or sharing a screenshot, or telling people to go check out the new post?”

That is a valid point, and I would recommend doing that, however there are still some downfalls there.

The first is that Snapchat doesn’t make new discovery as easy as other social networks do. Unless for whatever reason you already have a large following on Snapchat, it is harder for other people to find you.

The benefits of Instagram are the connections to Facebook, which at minimum suggests following you to your Facebook friends, the “explore” page, which suggests your content to users who’ve liked or followed similar posts and accounts recently, as well as the hashtag systems.

If I’ve just written a brilliant blog post about makeup, for example, I could post a video or picture about it on my Instagram, and put hashtags in the caption or comments about the subject matter, like “#makeup, #blogger, #beautyblogger,” etc. Then anyone interested in those topics could click on those hashtags, and find my post.

Of course, the Instagram post remains in perpetuity, so your hard work has not gone to waste.

The final difference and benefit of using Instagram over Snapchat to promote your blog posts is that of the clickable link. In Snapchat, you could put your link on the image, but then the user would have to remember (or screenshot) and then type it into their web browser (correctly!), which leads a lot of room for error, as well as potentially making it too much effort to make it worth it for someone casually interested in checking out your blog post.

On Instagram, you could put the link to your blog, or your most recent blog post as the one link you are allowed to have in your profile, and then just tell people in the caption of your promotional post to click the link in your bio. Then that person just has to click your username and click the link there to see your post, as opposed to going on a wild goose chase to find your blog and post!

As fun as Snapchat is, and as much as I still love to use it (even preferring Snapchat over Instagram stories still, as it is more fun - though I wrote a separate blog about that & best practices here), I think Instagram is still the winner as far as a great way to drive traffic to your blog posts!

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