ThatBoi Z: Lisa

ThatBoi Z brings new visual heat to Apple Music

Major Recording Artist ThatBoi Z meteoric rise to success in 2020 has been nothing short of aspirational. Taking risks, betting on yourself, dodging doubt, and embracing your fears is part of the pursuit of greatness. ThatBoi Z understands the priceless opportunity to be a music icon and the pain which comes with the territory. His music brand receives multiple accomplishments and critical acclaim in 2020, and the momentum continues to build towards 2021.

ThatBoi Z's latest visual, 'Lisa,' dips into the lavish and hedonistic lifestyle of Hip-Hop Millennial elite players. Hip-Hop's fast life involves late-night studio sessions, exotic women, Red Berry Ciroc, marijuana, street entourage, and larger than life bravado. 'Lisa' was created from an authentic Millennial music enthusiast perspective. That Boi Z is CEO of Dark Suda and a Global Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS.