Tonight use the darkness

to clean the light from your wings.

There is sadness in joy,

a mirror to the way the heart

surrenders to grief and finds freedom.

Have you seen your fingertips lately?

They carry the rings of sand dunes,

marking the years like trees,

flaking off like granite from the peak.

Eventually we all become the wind.

Have you seen the lake, the window

to the same earth that will turn you

back into the same cradling grass one

day? Did you know your ribs are the

dawn calling you to grace?

The birds fly high and turn white,

the plane takes off and tears fall,

we lived a thousand marriages

our heads, a million possibilities,

snowflakes to the same snow.

As you brush against branches and

touch the essence of dirt, see the bud’s

possibility and the fallen tree’s fate,

find the center that is everywhere you go.

Thoughts are just drops of rain

playing in the sunlight. May these

words be a teabag in the ocean of

your mind, let them steep. Awakening

occurs in every direction, like the moon

becoming pregnant with light.