How To Pay It Forward - And Backward - In Business!

Nobody becomes successful all on their own.

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It is so vital to not only pay if forward but to also give it backward in business. What I mean by giving it backward is to be thankful of those who have helped us along our professional or entrepreneurial journeys and to not forget about them after we’ve gained traction and influence. Nobody becomes successful all on their own. We attain success because others have assisted us along the way. We can sometimes take that type of help for granted.

In order to give it backward, we should:

* Maintain relationships with connections and colleagues.

* Show and vocalize our gratitude.

* Look for ways that we can help those who have helped us in the past.

* Contribute to worthy causes.

It’s also important to pay our successes forward by providing others who are just starting out with the same sort of assistance that we’ve had along the way.

In order to pay it forward, we should:

* Mentor others

* Be generous with the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way

* Take an interest in helping people along their career paths.

* Support the communities that have supported us.

* Embracing a combination of paying it forward and giving it backward in business is demonstrative of a strong and caring leadership style.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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