CLN NFR Fashion Tip #4 - Long Live Cowboys (In A Sport Coat)

Las Vegas, Nevada

The WNFR provides ample opportunities for cowboys to dress up while in Las Vegas. Stepping up the cowboy style is the combination of a sport coat, suit jacket, blazer or vest with the addition of a necktie, exotic skin boots and a custom belt with jeans or dress pants.

A three-point scale of high, medium and low contrasting colors is the basic for men to utilize based on their hair color and skin tone. Women are given four seasons’ winter, spring, summer, and fall which finding your color combination are much easier ladies. Denim, sport coat or business suit with variables on each level are a man's style options. The traditional country look with Wrangler shirts from the George Strait collection is a default in rodeo. The look is easy to pull off with heavy starched Wrangler jeans, a western shirt pressed and polished boots plus cowboy hat.

CLN style spotlight on PRCA cowboys features these fabulous five who know how to step up the dress code well. From Mississippi is Bull Rider Benjamin Hamilton; Rodeo Announcer Brent Jordan from Montana; Music Director Brian Rapier from Washington; Rodeo Announcer JW Kinder from Wyoming and PBR Entertainer Caine Hager from Colorado. The impromptu questions....

JW Kinder - What is the significance of dressing well?

Kinder explained it's important to look good representing the western industry as a cowboy. "Fashion is how you wear it. Your clothes are a focal point, and rodeo fans recognize you by them." He mentioned being approached by a family attending a rodeo when he headed to the concession stand after the rodeo performance. "They recognized my jacket from across the arena," stated Kinder.

Brent Jordan - What jacket did you wear as the MC at the 2016 World of Rodeo Reunion?

"An Armani sport coat I bought at Neiman Marcus in Nashville, Tennessee" Jordan shared.

Brian Rapier - What inspires you for selecting a sport coat? "I try to pick them out to be different than others... something unique," he replied.

Benjamin Hamilton - What occasions call for a sport coat besides a business meeting?

According to Hamilton "wedding, church, banquets, a fancy dinner with some pretty girl."

Caine Hager - What fashion tip are you willing to share?

"Always wear what makes you feel proud and wear what makes you happy," stated Hager.

Cowboy Town in December aka Las Vegas will be full of fashion and style. Here are a couple of iconic looks we've seen before that work well. The three-piece business suit, boots shined to perfection, and the air of confidence displayed at the high rollers table steals the look from JR Ewing of the Dallas drama. Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck make up the Hollywood western cowboy. These guys add a sport coat, wild rag or necktie to the daytime look and are ready for after dinner cocktails at the Tropicana.

Takeaway Tips - The high contrast look is pairing the light dress shirt and the dark jacket. Medium and low contrast is all about similar colors blended with variable skin tones and hat selection (cream, brown or black). Make sure your necktie is the right length, waist length to the belt - don’t shortchange it. Bowties are bold statements; Don’t wear a tie with a button-down collar; Match the boot and belt leather colors and shine and you are set. Check out 101 style tips at The tips are helpful and when in doubt pressed and tailored is always the look to strive for that is bulletproof.