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NFR Fashion Tip #3-Bring wardrobe basics, shop Cowboy Christmas for accessories

Las Vegas, Nevada

Make sure your suitcases are packed with the essential wardrobe basics during the Wrangler NFR. Britt with Gotta B Country Style advised me that a black dress and at least three shirts in black, gray and brown plus some denim pieces are the basics for Las Vegas. Britt's secret is knowing what style and fabric flatter your figure.

"Clingy fabrics like strait line sweater dresses with chunky cables only look good on a select few body types, pull that into more of an A-line sweater dress with smaller cable and you flatter your curves in the right spots instead of the wrong ones," stated Britt with Gotta B Country Style.

The book Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson gives guidance on shirt necklines from scoop, square or v-neck to proportion facial shapes. Cowgirls wanting to accessorize with wild rags make sure you are shopping with your Wrangler western shirt so you can visualize the scarf at Cowboy Christmas without guessing.

The basic black corporate dress is an advantage during the WNFR. Women know that one single black dress can be transformed with right accessories. The dress can go from a daytime luncheon with a scarf and pumps to instantly an evening reception by switching out heels and jewelry. Cowgirls can utilize denim for a mid-day casual shopping experience with chunky jewelry and be WNFR ready for the evening performance by switching out their boots, adding a leather fringed vest and custom belts and jewelry.

One of the first questions Britt asks her clients - Is what look are you wanting to portray? Some options and combinations can be - chic, natural, sporty, romantic, edgy, Bohemian, eclectic, glamorous, classic, vintage or modern.

"If you want to go cowgirl glam...we have sparkling skirts for that...if you want modern retro we can find you Quincy styles thru Wrangler...the main thing is that you don't try too hard to be something your not, always pull some of you into what you are dressing for and your confidence will help you rock your style," explained Britt with Gotta B Country Style.