2 Fundamentals That Should Be the Foundation of Every Startup's Investor Pitch

Be ready to tell a great story

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It is a lot easier to convince investors early on to support your idea if it is something you have real experience with. It’s not just about being “passionate” about something, it’s being able to prove that you know the space you’re in, inside and out. It’s one thing to believe in a product or idea you stumbled upon vs. having a deep understanding of a specific domain/space and convincing investors that based on that experience “you know how to fix the problem.”
In my specific case I’ve been in the enterprise collaboration and messaging space my entire career, so I was able to articulate the story of what is broken with the current landscape, and how it could be done right. It was then easier to get investors to believe in the vision and direction of the product and company and make an investment.
Here are a couple things that are essential:
* Be ready to tell a great story - where you got your idea, how you thought about your solution, and how you’ll execute. Storytelling is significantly more important than anything else when you’re at this early stage.
* Realize that no matter how good your demo is (if you even have one), they’re really investing in your team, the people. Anyone can hack together a prototype, but not everyone is going to be a visionary leader.
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