movies by or about women opening UK/Ire from Sat Dec 08

Susanne Bier directs science fiction drama ‘Bird Box’; Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi codirects documentary ‘Free Solo’; more...

new in wide release

Mortal Engines | my review | find cinemas

Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens cowrite this fantasy action adventure about a man lost in a postapocalyptic wasteland. (male director)

Sandra Bullock in ‘Bird Box’

Sandra Bullock in ‘Bird Box’

new in limited release

Bird Box | find cinemas

Susanne Bier directs this science fiction drama about a woman (Sandra Bullock) trying to get two children to safety in a world overrun by monsters. (male writer)

Free Solo | find cinemas

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi codirects this documentary about a (male) rock climber.

The House That Jack Built | find cinemas

Jenle Hallund cowrites this horror black comedy about a (male) serial killer. (male director)

Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny in ‘Lizzie’

Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny in ‘Lizzie’

Lizzie | find cinemas

Chloë Sevigny stars in this historical drama as the notorious murderer Lizzie Borden. Costarring Kristen Stewart. (male writer and director)

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