5 Ways To Infuse Philanthropy Into Your Company Culture

Set the tone.

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There are a number of ways that companies can incorporate philanthropic efforts within their culture, and they should. Doing so sets a positive tone for giving back and also supports the community at the same time (which has a positive effect on multiple stakeholders).

Here are 5 ways to infuse philanthropy into your company’s culture:

* Align with a cause that is related to your business. By choosing a cause that it closely aligned with your organizational mission, your team can see how their daily efforts help others. It also provides them with the opportunity to go the extra mile through their philanthropic work. This combination enables your employees to feel more fulfilled and to know that they are contributing to society.

* Provide volunteer time off. By giving your employees the chance to take volunteer time off, you are sending a message that giving back is important, and that your company cares about people.

* Match employee contributions. Everyone has a cause that’s important to them. Show your employees that what matters to them matters to you by matching their donations. You’ll be supporting a wide variety of causes as a result and your employees will feel more supported too.

* Donate a percentage of profits. You can also donate a percentage of profits to a charitable cause for a particular event or over a specific period of time. In addition to giving back, this move will also help you attract new customers and supporters to your organization.

* Set the tone. Leaders set the tone for their employees so they should showcase their philanthropic activities regularly. Doing so will inspire employees to contribute similarly. Hosting charitable events where employees can provide service as a team is also another great way to set the tone.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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