Taylor Dayne ‘Pleases’ Fans With New Single

Interview with Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne rose to fame with her 1987 mega-hit “Tell It To My Heart.” Now, over three decades later, the singer-songwriter wears her heart on her sleeve in her new single, “Please.”

I caught up with Taylor to find out what she’s been doing to keep busy during quarantine and what projects she is currently working on. For more on Taylor Dayne, go to her official website at taylordayne.com.

KG: You’ve been hosting live virtual concerts from home.

TD: I did live “At Home” Sunday concerts March through May. While I was stuck at home in the thick of uncertainty and at a loss of information, I watched my tour dates just slip away on the calendar. My fans needed answers, peace, music and connection just as much as I did. I found this to be a beautiful way to gather us together as we do for concerts and find meaning and healing together.

KG: What did it mean to you to be able to connect with your audience virtually during this time?

TD: It brought me a lot of joy and healing to be able to connect, especially during the first few months when we all felt very scared. The not knowing what we're up against and the strain on our financial, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves is difficult for everyone. Connecting virtually on Sundays and getting to see the love of people coming together to listen and feel lifted me up... that’s music.

KG: Tell me about your new single, “Please.”

TD: 'Please' to me is dipped in the best of Classic OG sounds and some fresh now. The song falls in the dance-pop genre. 'Please' is a song you can instantly sing and dance along to. It's Classic. It's a summer banger.

KG: Are you working on more new music as well?

TD: Yes I am. This, my friend, is a very creative time indeed.

KG: What can fans expect from you next?

TD: Expect the unexpected. Also, if you did not get my book yet, it is available on Amazon. It's a great read while you are quarantined. It was a finalist for the NIEA Indie book award!

KG: Your tour had to be postponed due to COVID-19, when do you expect to be back on the road?

TD: I honestly hope for the best. I have dates on the book for September for the Ladies of the 80s tour, however, it all depends on the state, or country, at this point.