This Company Is Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment At Just $500

Do you know that you can join the world’s wealthiest 1% with just $500? Sounds impossible but it’s totally not! This is what Michael R. and Jacob W. found out after joining this new company that’s disrupting the old method of real estate investment.

“I had a great experience with DiversyFund so far. I think it’s a good way to diversify your portfolio with a reasonable minimum investment. Making my investment was so easy and the returns are solid,” Michael shared.

Established in 2016, DiversyFund offers alternative investment options to the everyday American. For as low as $500, the service opens doors to real estate investments previously available to only the richest of the rich in the US -- the top 1% of the population. No need to write million-dollar checks to invest in million-dollar private real estate, you can own multiple properties and diversify your portfolio for the lowest minimum.

It was easy for Jacob to realize this big opportunity DiversyFund is offering. Being a broker and developer in the Western region, he knew it would be impossible to bid, let alone own shares in some of the most coveted estates. Regular investors have been excluded from investing in these types of multi-million dollar assets. Until DiversyFund.

“Investing with DiversyFund has given me broader exposure into deals that are in markets that I wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to,” Jacob noted, adding that as a professional in the space, he is confident DiversyFund can grow his equity and deliver high returns.

How does DiversyFund work?

The service allows regular joes like Michael and Jacob to invest in REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust -- a company that owns and operates income-generating real estate. Investing in REIT means investing in a portfolio of multiple real estate assets. For as low as $500, anyone can be a co-owner of cash-flow positive multi-family properties and get up to 18% annual returns.

DiversyFund is also the better option than the stock market and here’s why: The stock market is a roller coaster ride. The value of stocks is very volatile and you could lose hundreds of dollars per share in just one day. The stock market also has a significantly lower historical returns at 7% annually. DiversyFund has posted anywhere from 17.3 to 18% annual returns -- more than twice the earnings of stocks.

How much exactly will you be earning?

Investing $500 will generate a potential return of $1,125 based on a 5-year term. Invest $2,000, and the returns could hit north of $4,400.

DiversyFund also makes sure all estates are cash-flowing, meaning they’re generating revenue through rent until the property is ready to be sold at a higher price. This way, your investments never lose value. The service also focuses on dynamic markets that have strong population and job growth.

“We believe everyone should have access to wealth-building opportunities, not just the one percent,” enforced Alan Lewis, DiversyFund Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer. Together with his co-founder and CEO, Craig Cecilio, the executives have a combined 40 years of experience in the real estate investment industry.

“We're passionate about levelling the playing field for people who want to take control of their financial future. We are committed to changing the investment world by bringing wealth-building opportunities to the 99%.”

How to invest in DiversyFund?

Any US resident over the age of 18, accredited or unaccredited, can start their journey towards a financially secure future. You can create a free account on and review the available investments.

When ready to invest, indicate the amount you plan to invest and complete the transaction online. For questions, you can contact the live chat. Remember, DiversyFund is a no-fee platform -- there are zero investment fees!

Once done, you can fully monitor your investment on the DiversyFund Dashboard -- track your invested value, review your portfolio and receive quarterly investment. After properties are sold, you can choose to reinvest your funds or take a full payout.

“It’s one of the best investment decisions I’ve made. Glad I found out about them early on. Looking forward to the company’s growth and mine along with it,” Michael exclaimed.

If you’re like Michael R. and Jacob W. and want to join the 1% of the world’s richest and invest in the best real estate, sign up with for free to learn more.