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Top 5 Key Highlights Last Week

Each week, Whitko Community Schools produces a video showing the major highlights from the previous week. You can see it now!

Highlights from the Robotics Competition Saturday.

Whitko's own Kosmic Krew and The Wildat Side challenged schools from around the region at a local robotics competition this past Saturday. Last year, students were challenged to navigate obstacles and score points at Wawasee Middle School using the theme "water." This year, students reunited at College Park Church near Huntington University with the theme based around "space." Teams programmed their robots to run routes to trigger obstacles within the course. One obstacle was a rover located on a ramp. Once the trigger was depressed by the robot, the lego rover was able to move down a ramp scoring the team points. Another obstacle was picking up satelites and placing them within designated zones. All robots and course obstacles are built out of legos, each team is alotted a practice session, and then 3 minutes to perform the designated tasks during the competion. Each team had 3 total attempts.

The Wildcat Side (Max Platt, Isaiah Cripe, and Dalton Lung) finished 3rd place on the game board. The Kosmic Krew (Braiden Wolfe, Payton Reid, Trey Herrera, and Walker Miller) finished in 8th place. Both teams did very well overall but fell short of State.

School Board Member Georgia Tenney interivews PES 5th grader.

School Board Member Georgia Tenney interivews PES 5th grader.

JA BIZTOWN | Junior Achievement at PES
Fifth grade students at Pierceton Elementary were busy interviewing for a mock economy through Junior Achievement's JA Biztown. Biztown is located in Fort Wayne behind Kohls Department Store and provides students a unique opportunity to go to work just like their parents. Students earn careers in civics, banking, communications, customer service and more! Throughout the day, they earn a wage, must pay bills, manage a checking account - and like all jobs, they are granted 2 breaks a lunch. Additionally, they use their checking account to make purchases from services throughout the day.

ON FIRE | Lady Wildcats are currently on a 3 game winning streak
The Lady Wildcats have won the last 3 games in their line-up! After the game Saturday night, Coach Rick Bragg took to Facebook saying:

"Another victory for the Lady Wildcats tonight. The girls are working so hard and improving from game to game. 56-36 win at home. The kids have already matched their win total from a year ago with many more potential wins out there as we continue to grow. We are Whitko!"

Coach Bill Rhodes directs his team at the whiteboard during the timeout against Columbia City's Eagle Stars.

Coach Bill Rhodes directs his team at the whiteboard during the timeout against Columbia City's Eagle Stars.

The boys basketball team at South Whitley Elementary took the court last week against the Columbia City Eagle Stars. Fun Fact! Bill Rhodes teaches 5th grade at PES by day, but by night is the head coach for the boys basketball team at SWE. The Bulldogs worked hard and gave a strong effort against their competitor but in the end were defeated. Chin up boys, we'll get them next time!

SEASON OPENER | Boys Wrestling
The men's season opener was last week on Wednesday. The Wildcats are led by coaches Mike Biddle and Ben Watson. They will travel to Tippecane Valley High School Tuesday for their next match.