How You Can Embrace AI

Here are 10 ways you can embrace AI and ensure your own employment longevity as well as the longevity of your business.

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AI is here to stay and we can either embrace it or be left behind. All occupations will be impacted by it, although some more than others. Those industries that might be the most affected include banking, insurance, and commercial art. No matter what your occupation, here are 10 ways that you can embrace AI and ensure your own employment longevity as well as the longevity of your business:

1. Wrap your arms around the fact that AI will create many new jobs (while making others obsolete)

2. Consider the ethical perspectives when thinking about AI implementation, and train others to make similar analyses.

3. Plan for potential issues that may arise as a result of this type of technology including displacement, plagiarism, and lack of creativity.

4. Ensure that there is disclosure about how AI is being used at your business (to both employees and consumers).

5. Understand that it can cut down on our busy work and make your job easier in many ways.

6. Educate others about AI and how it can further the business. Reduce biases and misinformation by providing training.

7. View it as a tool that will help employees to perform and do their jobs better, not something to compete with.

8. Celebrate the fact that virtual assistants can help us with mundane tasks like scheduling and planning.

9. Work on your critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. They cannot be replaced by AI and automation, and employees with these types of skills will always have a place in organizations.

10. Look to supplement AI initiatives with other roles that are more hands-on.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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