Bull Fighters Only (BFO) Roughy Cup 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada

Anyone at the first bull fighters competition in Las Vegas would be happy to tell you what an amazing experience it was. If you missed out, everyone's getting another chance. The Bull Fighters Only (BFO) Roughy Cup is heading back to Sin City and will be ready to up the ante.

This year the event promises seven days of action from professionals like Chuck Swisher, Cody Emerson, Beau Schuet, Schell Apple, Zach Call, Ross Hill, Tanner Aarnetski and more. These top athletes have all qualified for an automatic buy into the BFO Las Vegas championship.

The action jumps off December 1st at 2 p.m. with the 12 man invitational at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Between December 2nd-3rd, the Convention will host the qualification for the championships. Contenders from that point will take it over to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino between December 7th-10th. If it's anything like 2015, the 2016 event will see the crowds showing up as early as nine in the morning for the Bull Fighters Only Roughy Cup.

The organization behind the BFO Roughy Cup has expanded significantly since its inaugural event and, as it wraps up its first season of over 30 events, you're going to see that growth at this year's bigger, grander event. The opening weekend at the Center will be part of the Las Vegas Events's Cowboy Christmas. The final days of the BFO event will take place in a climate controlled tent on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's west side. According to Chuck Swisher, one of the top 10 contenders, "This is another huge milestone for Bullfighters Only and freestyle bullfighting. It's is going to be the richest freestyle bullfight ever."

Top five contender Ross Hill believes the 2016 event in Las Vegas will cement the organization's reputation. "This is our chance to really put a stamp on who we are as the BFO. This is our opportunity to show what Bull Fighters Only is all about."

Of course, the Cowboy Lifestyle Network will be on scene. They remain the leading online community and resource for all things rodeo and bull fighting. Joining them will be media teams from the Earnhardt Auto Center Road Team and the Ak-Chin Indian Community.

From Left to Right: Danny O'Donnell (CLN), Aaron Fergeson (BFO) and Aaron Kuhl (CLN)

From Left to Right: Danny O'Donnell (CLN), Aaron Fergeson (BFO) and Aaron Kuhl (CLN)

Tickets are currently on sale at AXS.com. If you want more information about the Bull Fighters Only event, check out the http://cowboylifestylenetwork.com and http://www.bullfightersonly.com