Can Introverts Have an Energetic Presence?

The difference is simply in what your style is.

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Yes! Everyone has an energetic presence. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert – you have an energetic presence. The difference is simply in what your style is, what’s real for you, if you’re conscious of how you show up, and if you’re able to shift your presence in the moment to support yourself (and others) intentionally.

I’ll often get this question in the form of “I’m shy” or I’m an introvert” so having a “big presence” and being “out there” or “exuberant” or “obvious” is not authentic for me. That’s great. I love the awareness. Awareness is 70% of the magic (the other 30% is in what you do with that awareness.) The intention is not to be inauthentic or “bouncing off the walls” to have a “big energetic presence,” the intention is to be real in your own energetic presence and to be aware of what it is – what energy and presence you’re bringing into a room or conversation – and the impact of it.

For example, I know introverts who have a quiet energetic presence and lead meetings and show up beautifully. They are value-added in the room. People feel great knowing they’re there – even if they may not say a word the whole time. It’s because their level of presence and intention in that room is so solid, that they’re projecting an energy that feels safe, seen, and good to be around. When they talk or share or lead, the quality of their presence is not in how loud or “bold” they’re being – they’re actually quite quiet – but the quality of their intentions for the group, their presence in how they’re showing up, their curiosity and care for the people they’re with, their steadfastness, and the way people experience them, creates a feeling of trust, safety, and connection. This occurs because they’re present to themselves and to who and what is in the room, AND they’re being intentional about how they show up and serve. Bringing an inauthentic extraverted presence would not help them here (and would also break trust and credibility with their people because they’d sense inauthenticity).

Another example, on the extreme opposite of this spectrum, is the person who is an extrovert and is “out there” and more “loud” in their presence, however, they “wreck the room” with their energy because they’re not truly present, reading the room, “meeting people where they’re at,” or being intentional about the energy they’re bringing. They may speak up just to speak, making their presence more important than what’s actually happening or serving the room.

It’s not about introversion or extraversion. It’s about the quality of your intentions, energy, and presence. Get those clean and right and your presence will take care of itself.

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