Artist: Beci Orpin


1.) Where do you live?

Melbourne, Australia.

2.) What Medium do you work in?

Too many! I like mediums that let me have control (computer) but then also things that don’t (paint), and things which can go either way (art direction).

3.) What year did you start making art?

1973, but professionally 1996.

4.) Which artists have influenced you?

The list is ever changing / growing but some mainstays are: Bruno Munari, Tove Jansson, Ray Eames, Herny Darger, Misaki Kawai, Mike Mills, and Sonia Delaunay.

5.) Who are some contemporary artists that people should know?

My favourite art comes from friends like Ed Davis, Esther Olsson, Alice Oehr, Nadia Hernandez, Miso, Carla Mcrae, and Gabriel Cole.

6.) What is your workspace like?

Messy but organised but also caving in on me.

7.) How do you stay inspired?

Travel, experiences, nature, and family.

8.) Why is being an artist worth it?

I’d never actually consider myself an artist, more a designer who occasionally has exhibitions. But doing what I do is 100% worth it.

9.) What’s wrong with art on social media?

You can learn so much more about life if you do research, and I think sometimes social mediadoesn’t promote learning about what is behind images, or even credit who made the image.

Plus nothing compares to viewing good design or art in the flesh.

Photo: Raph Rashid

Photo: Raph Rashid