Loner used by Islamic State to advance goals, fails magnificently.

Yet Another failed-human-being pledges allegiance to Islamic State and Al Qaeda, attempts terrorism in Melbourne, Australia.
One innocent man killed, as well as the terrorist.
3 police injured in the siege.

In Brighton—a lovely seaside suburb in Melbourne’s south east—yesterday afternoon a tragedy unfurled.

A previously convicted, failed terrorist murdered an innocent person, terrorised an escort then shot at police.

Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia

Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia

This was not his ‘first rodeo’, the terrorist had attempted or planned to carry out a suicide-attack upon a military base in Sydney, with four others convicted in connection with this plot.

In August of 2009, four men connected to the Al-Shabaab terror-group from Somalia were arrested, with a fifth man arrested days afterwards. They all attended the same Mosque, in Preston—the Umar bin Al-Khattab Mosque—which has had many controversies in recent history.

The Holsworthy Barracks, in New South Wales

The Holsworthy Barracks, in New South Wales

Yacqub Khayre was involved in the failed terror-plot in 2009; when 5 men planned to conduct Jihad upon an ADF base; the Holsworthy Barracks. The plot was uncovered thanks to financial auditors trying to determine who was providing material aid to the Al Shabaab group; which was tracked back to these 5 suspects, and they were placed under surveillance… Their initial plan was to infiltrate the base, shoot as many people as possible until they were killed or captured. Thankfully this was halted before they were able to carry it out.

Yacqub Khayre had been acquitted of the charges relating to this terror plot, and was able to fail at yet another terrorist act.

The previous Sheikh, Mohamad Mahmoud Abou Eid was suspended after ‘serious altercations’ between ‘factions’, relating to millions of dollars missing from donations—allegedly used to purchase properties in Lebanon—and inappropriate conduct towards women that attended the mosque, leading to the Sheik being banned from the Mosque.

Before Mahomad, Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam was also a controversial figure, most-criticised when he questioned the role of Osama Bin Laden in the terrorist attacks in New York, on September the 11th, 2001…

Fehmi Naji El-Imam passed away in September, 2016.

Tourists staying at the managed apartments were terrified when they heard what “sounded like a bomb” go off, shaking the walls; as the police have reported, the man was armed with a shotgun.

Gun crime is extremely rare in Australia, and it is unclear where Yacqub acquired the weapon.

Journalist Ahron Young was on scene, interviewing terrified tourists and the public as they arrived at the very busy shopping strip on Bay St. Police had cordoned off the area as they were not sure of the risks to the public; and he heard their Special Operations Group head into the apartments, shooting the terrorist. Three police officers were injured in the incident, with no word on their condition; other than their wounds are “non fatal”. One man was killed by Yacqub, before the police were able to halt his plot.

In a phone call to a local TV station, the terrorist pledged alliances to both Islamic State and Al Qaeda, perhaps mistaken about their alliances. Did he ask permission from Al Shabaab too?

Islamic State’s offical media arm “Amaq” declared that the failed human being was “their soldier”; setting the “soldier” bar extremely low…

Police spokespeople say they have no idea why the terrorist decided to carry out yet another failed attempt to terrorise; or if there is any material or other support networks in place. A house in Roxburgh Park is being raided and forensic teams are scouring for any clues as to why.

This has been a shocking start to Ramadan, with almost daily terrorist attacks. Thankfully ‘only’ 2 people died in this incident, and it did not appear to terrorise anyone further than the occupants of the hotel itself; otherwise just annoying locals and worrying people that could hear the gunshots.