5 Easy Tips For Making a Career Pivot

The best way to intentionally make a career pivot is to plan for it.

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Many of us will make a number of pivots throughout our careers- some that we orchestrate ourselves and others that just kind of happen. The best way to intentionally make a career pivot is to plan for it in order to increase your odds of success:

1. Take inventory. What are your skills, talents and interests? What type of careers match them, and do you think you might enjoy?

2. Research. What positions are related to that field? Do you have the necessary qualifications for those positions? What additional credentials will you need to obtain? What other skills should you improve or acquire?

3. Gain Experience. How can you gain some experience related to the new position? Is there a way to integrate it within your current job or do some freelance work to get your feet wet?

4. Set Goals. Lay out the goals related to making this new career a reality. Make them specific and time-based. Additionally, include the micro steps that it will take to achieve them.

5. Make It Happen. Follow your plan and keep working towards your ultimate goal. If you really want this career pivot, you’ll make it happen. Look for opportunities and continue to angle yourself in that direction. You’ll get there soon enough.

This question originally appeared on Quora.

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