6 Life Lessons I Learned From Queen Elizabeth II

A true inspiration, we can learn a lot from her life.

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The world was very saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth on September 8th. We admired her courage, leadership and dedication to service. It was a joy to watch her reign over the past 70 years. The Queen was a woman who was both very traditional and ahead of her time in so many ways.

A true inspiration, we can learn a lot from her life. Here are a few of the lessons that I’ve garnered from her:

1. Stay grounded. Even though Queen Elizabeth was the head of the royal family, she always managed to come off as down-to-earth and very likeable. I can’t imagine how hard that was to do, yet it speaks volumes about her character at the core. We should all focus on staying similarly grounded despite our successes.

2. Remain dutiful. When the Queen pledged to serve her people at a very young age, she meant it. Her work ethic was unparalled right up until the end of her life. We can take a cue from her unwavering desire to serve others and to stand by her word.

3. Suck it up. I’m sure that there were many times when Queen Elizabeth would have rather been doing something else instead of attending an official function, but she always showed up no matter what out of loyalty and service (and I’m sure without complaint). The next time we don’t feel like attending an event, we should think about the Queen and suck it up.

4. Lean into humor. I love hearing stories about the jokes that Queen Elizabeth would tell. It’s been said that she had quite the sense of humor as well as the ability to laugh at herself. A good sense of humor will help you in many situations, and the Queen used it to her advantage. We should as well.

5. Dress the part. Queen Elizabeth always dressed well for every occaision in bright suits and matching hats, brightening up her many visits and events. We should all heed this lesson and be sure to dress the part for the many roles we play (as well as the roles that we hope to play).

6. Stay loyal to the ones you love. There are not many people out there who can boast about a 73- year marriage like Queen Elizabeth had with Prince Philip. Additionally, no matter what kind of scandal happened around her, she still supported the ones that she loved while showing tough love as needed. We can all take a page from the Queen’s book in this regard.

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Photo Credit: Ryan Johns/Unsplash