Introducing Mikey Badass

Mikey Badass Launches Music Empire and Signs Himself.

Mikey BadAss's meteoric rise to success in 2019 is well documented and reflects his relentless pursuit of greatness. For 3+ years, he worked relentlessly to create an organic fanbase, monetize music, passionately dream chase, and deliver his son a lifestyle fit for a king. Mikey BadAss possesses 'Championship DNA,' which enables him to create, build, and engineer dreams into reality. From his humble beginnings in Indiana, Mikey BadAss leveraged lessons from the school of Hard Knocks and used them to fuel his fearless ambition.

Mikey BadAss's digital music catalog has amassed 500,000+ streams across multiple streaming platforms. His music has received critical acclaim from aficionado's, music executives, DJs, and mainstream radio programmers. The industry is 90% business and 10% music. In 2020, Mikey BadAss initiated the process to launch his entertainment imprint. By forming an LLC, Mikey BadAss's focus is securing his financial future and protecting the music.

Mikey BadAss's success in 2020 reached an apex with his music being added to regular radio rotation on WTSX POWER 104.9 FM. WTSX POWER 104.9 FM is a BDS and Billboard indicating FM radio station headquartered in Kokomo, Indiana. WTSX POWER 104.9 FM boasts 400,000+ monthly listeners and is touted as one of Indiana's premium stations. The year 2020 is one everyone wants to move on from and start fresh in 2021. Mikey BadAss's music career is moving full throttle heading into 2021. His new label and brand will be a household name in 2021. Mikey BadAss understands the 'TIME IS NOW.'