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Home Flash, Attention Grabbing App for HomeKit Now Available

Home Flash for HomeKit, from developer Matthew Corey has hit the iOS App Store, and has brought with it a rather clever way to get someone's attention in your home. Home Flash works with the existing HomeKit enabled lights within a home, and with just a tap, it will flash on and off a connected light. The app also supports Siri Shortcuts, which enables a way to create and use a customer phrase, such as "Flash the Office Lights". The developer touts that this functionality is a great way to a summon a child by getting their attention when it is time for dinner or can even help serve as a visual aid for those with a hearing disability.

Unfortunately, due to limitations on how HomeKit devices can be accessed, it does require that the App be open and running in the foreground for it to work. This means that if a Siri Shortcut is used, it will first open the app. Regardless, the app still provides the quick ability to flash lights, and we certainly hope that Apple loosens their restrictions to allow it to truly function in a hands-off manner.

Home Flash is available for iPhone and iPods running iOS 12, and is currently priced at $0.99 on the App Store.

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