Silicon Valley Has Plenty of Things for HBO's Silicon Valley to Mock in Season 4

Whatever company or industry they do make fun of, you know it will be harsh.

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There is no need to go to the bleeding edge of technology to find Silicon Valley companies to make fun of. There are plenty of companies up and down the technology spectrum that deserve some ridicule by Mike Judge and team. Hey, not every company can be Facebook right?

Magic Leap - I would be shocked if they don’t take a shot at Magic Leap. It has been reported that Magic Leap hired a Hollywood special effects team to create actual demos. Even though they are located in Florida, it is still SiliconValleyEsque and Silicon Valley made fun of Snapchat in Season 3 with the mustache filter. No way do they not take a shot at a tech company hiring a Hollywood company to fake a demo. I mean that could be a movie let alone a 30 min episode.

Food delivery - Take your pick at the company but when Tom Brady launches “performance meals” delivery service Purple Carrot, Ayesha Curry becomes the 1,000th company to enter the market with Gather, and a plethora of Vegan and/or Gluten Free options, there has to be some comedy in there somewhere.

Juicero - This story just came out so it is probably too late to make the show but when you can buy a $700 (later reduced to $400) juice machine that works just as good as squeezing the patent pending juice pouch with your hands, how could you not make fun of it?

Uber - Wow. Take your pick of scandals but there are plenty of irreverent one liners abound with the sexism, stealing Google’s tech, and threatening of reporters, just to name a few .

Fake News - It would feel like an intentional miss if they didn’t acknowledge techs role in fake news with some comment.

Whatever company or industry they do make fun of you know it will be harsh. Like when Richard Henricks said “It’s not like we’re lying about it, like effen Theranos.”

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