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The Merge of Sustainability & Wellness

Magic City Wellness Weekend at Novotel Miami Brickell

We are in the age of sustainability, so it would make sense for a hotel brand to host a Sustainable Wellness Escape as an informative, experiential initiative.

The Novotel Miami Brickell has put in motion a chain reaction of implementations that will affect hotel partners and guests. Going down the rabbit hole, the hotel could reduce GHG emissions by only collaborating with vendors who launder sheets and towels with sustainability in mind, using environmentally safe cleaning products, energy-saving lamps, sourcing meats responsibly, reducing food waste with realistic portions served, and most noticeable is the elimination of single-use plastic. The list is long.

These actions are in response to a statistical report that showed how tourism is responsible for 8 to 11 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. What are these emissions? Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and the so-called F-gases (hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

The themed weekend began at Golden Hour on the Vista Rooftop, where vegan small bites were served with cocktails, and a DJ blared a poolside playlist of beats. The fried cauliflower bites dipped in spicy sauce were a crowd favorite.
Vegan and non-vegan menu items are available on the rooftop.

Vegan and non-vegan menu items are available on the rooftop.

Following a plush night's sleep, this group of wellness seekers and sustainability-curious gathered on that same rooftop for morning Skyline Yoga with Skanda Yoga Studio. Sun salutations were followed by a Wellness & Sustainability Panel Discussion featuring a handful of interested parties that included the hotel GM, Claudia Digino, American Hotel & Lodging Association representative William Rogers, award-winning news anchor at NBC 6 Miami, Constance Jones, COO for the Greater Miami CVB, Rolando Aeodo, and Chief Innovation Officer for The Underline, Jake Moskowitz. As guests sipped on healthy green smoothies and noshed on hummus and pita slices, the discussion began with mindfulness that touches guests who visit Miami.

Community builds tourism, and to combine both in the efforts of sustainability and wellness is easy to do, thanks in part to Jake Moskowitz, who developed The Underline, a 10-mile walking/biking path from Novotel Miami Brickell to the city center – under the railway. Walls along the way depict the creative street art of local artists, and there are bicycle rentals and a weekly farmers market and “Day in the Dirt” with a butterfly garden for both the community and visitors.

Following the discussion, tuna tartare with quinoa and cocktails set the stage for DJ Bryan Peroni, who led the pool party to fun while guests interested in wellness experiences courtesy of Babor, Dashbar, and BLASS Beauty Bar took a seat inside. First, a mini-facial for hydration. As a gift, bags were distributed to guests that were filled with DOCTOR BABOR Power Serum Ampoules: 8D Hyaluronic Acid; DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Rx Dual Eye Solution; and DOCTOR BABOR Lifting Rx Collagen Cream.

From the mini-facial station, a walk across the room to a Dashbar treatment of laser lipo on bulging bellies would prove effective with a lasting effect of a lighter stomach, and time spent relaxing on a zero gravity chair while legs are zippered in pneumatic compression devices that inflate and deflate off and on from foot to inner thigh like a blood pressure cuff. This treatment is meant to improve blood circulation and prevent blood clots. Following this treatment, a walk along the Underline path proved its results in an effortless, quicker, lighter than air walk.

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