How Can You Get the Most Value Out of Your Old Smart Phone?

As a buyer you will be able to receive trust-worthy information to make an educated decision.

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By selling directly to the end user, the more intermediaries you can eliminate the closer you will get to receiving the price the buyer is willing to pay. No brainer. This applies to pretty much any transaction.

However, there are many issues with selling a personal computer, friend, guardian of all things intimate, jester, teacher, and all else that mobile phones represent on our daily lives.

How do you assure all your personal data is eliminated? How can you be sure the price offered is fair? Do you truly know the functional condition of your phone?

By leveraging blockchain, our TessaB platform will soon be able to answer most questions. You will be able to run sophisticated diagnostics tools and upload them to an immutable ledger. You will then be able to receive offers that match the exact condition of your phone. You will be able to compare these offers and choose the one that suits you best.

As a buyer you will be able to receive trust-worthy information to make an educated decision. Are you interested in saving a few bucks by purchasing a phone that has a few scratches or dents? Or, are you personally adamant on it being in pristine condition? Your call, your money, your phone!

The TessaB Blockchain platform will enable this “Carfax” for mobile phones and will also facilitate the transaction itself. So it will eliminate the endless intermediaries and go direct to the source.

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