Her Name is Wilson Sanchez! Wait … WHAT?

Las Vegas, Nevada

“I met Corey Wilson on Facebook. He was an old cowboy who loved bucking horses and in such bad health he couldn’t get out, so I spent a lot of time chatting with him. He fell in love with our young mare the first time he saw her video and that’s all he could talk about,” Darcy Hollingsworth said. “We had a ‘name that horse contest’ on Facebook and he thought since she was out of Pedro’s mama, we should call her Sanchez. Our daughter, Cassidy, thought we should add on the Wilson part for him and the name stuck. It made Corey very proud. He passed away a couple months later.”

“When we sold her to Hi Lo Pro Rodeo, they asked the story behind her name. Classy outfit that they are, they kept the name. We’re grateful for that,” Hollingsworth said. “Now we name all the babies out of that mare something Spanish.”

The great Alberta-bred bareback mare was born on the Hollingsworth’s Bar Anchor Ranch. She’s by their stallion, Gangster and out of the dam to their Canadian Bucking Horse of the Year, Pedro. Wilson Sanchez won the Horse of the Round buckle for her explosive performance under Canadian Pro Rodeo Association Champion Bareback Rider Jake Vold in the 5th performance of the WNFR, earning the Ponoka, Alberta, cowboy a cool $26,230.77.

A half sibling named Gringo Joe is out tomorrow at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Bareback Futurity.